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Donald "Yipper T. Haywire" Gauthier - 1956-2008

Yip's Obituary

Pictures from Yip's Memorial Service

As I think back on all the rendezvous that I have visited with him, sang songs with him and laughed with him I do not ever remember him saying a single negative or cruel word nor did I ever hear him complain. In fact, I never knew him to have a bad day -- he was always smiling and always up to mischief.

Yip was like the little pink energizer bunny, he just kept on going and going and going. Nothing ever stood in his way of doing the things he wanted to wanted to do at rendezvous -- he did not let his limitations slow him down -- as Patsy said, he always had a "work around".

My memories of Yip are heart felt and my affection for him runs very deep. At every single rendezvous I attended over the past several years, he always sang The Silver Tongued Devil song to me (my camp name is Silver Tongue) -- he said it was "our" song. What a hoot he was! The last time he sang to me was at TAB in Centerville, Texas, just a couple of weeks ago.
- Judy "Silvertongue" Johnston

Yip at SWRR 2007 - Hearne, TX
Yip at SWRR 2007 - Hearne, TX


Yip also had one of the kindest hearts I have ever run across, and he showed that to those of us who were privileged to know him and count him as a friend. He loved a good time and entertained us all with his guitar and his ready laughter, but the foundation of that good humor was love. Our sense of humor gets us through the darkest of times, after all, and he brought joy to many of our camps when we needed it most.

I think the most important thing I ever learned from Yip was to never never NEVER give up. Even with all the physical challenges that life dealt Yip, he never let it slow him down on having fun. And he never complained either, he just found a work-around. He build himself a "No-draggin' wagon", as he called it, to haul his tent and gear into Rendezvous - easier to pull that, than carry it. And he carried his gear to pack-ins on a sled - he called that kind of thing his "Yipper T. Haywire Adapter Kit". :-)
- Patsy "Magpie" Harper

Yip and the No Draggin' Wagon
Yip and the No Draggin' Wagon


Sorry to hear that Yip crossed over, he and I played guitar together and had more fun than should be legal!
- Talking Bear

AMM Western National 2007 - Linden
AMM Western National 2007 - Linden


Brother Yip was my AMM pilgrim. However by no means was he a flatlander-pilgrim in anyones book. Although he was hampered sometimes by his body, he never, ever lacked in heart. He always made it up the hill! I've been down and out myself for almost a year and missed a bunch of camps with him but the times spent around the fire will be remembered always. By me and by anyone that was lucky enough to be touched by his spirit and will. I pray the trail is clear and easy brother, mark it well, have the coffee on and we will be there eventually.
- Mark "Wet Buffalo" Bryan

Yipper T. Haywire
Yipper T. Haywire

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